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Continuous Metering and Feeding

We supply loss in weight continuous feeding and  metering pellet , powders, fiber and liquid that provide precision measurement application to feed, providing customers a big range of choice, from economical volumetric to gravimetric feeder with high precision, can meet customer requirements.

loss in weight feeder is designed to provide a stable supply uniform from rate. Once the feeder became operational, the system will measure the weight of the material inside the unit to reduce the amount of time, and to calculate the actual supply of the material flow system then follow the error between the actual flow rate and use P.I.D automatic control feed rate, so that the actual flow rate reaches a steady and uniform feeding

continuous volumetric feeder, this is economical metering feeder system to fix the speed, combined with precision governor, the speed of adjustment, the flow requirements of reach

Continuous Metering and Feeding Product
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